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The City That Never Sleeps Barcelona has it all

Cities To Visit This Autumn/Winter

18 July 2017

Booking a holiday in a city is such an exciting time, with plenty of great places to visit and lots of things to see and do! However it can often come with a lot of stress, especially looking for the right accessible location as well as a guaranteed adapted room. 

While some countries have good overall levels of accessibility (UK and US for example), this doesn't mean that it will be the same throughout the same country. If you were to visit the Catalonia region of Spain, you'll find great accessible cities such as Barcelona and Valencia - however there are cities in the mainland that aren't as accessible. 

When booking an accessible city break with ourselves, you can be guaranteed that we have audited the property and local area to give you the necessary information for you to make an informed decision on where to stay. Along with this, we guarantee your adapted room upon booking, so you have nothing to worry about! The whole process is easy, so sit back and we'll do all of the hard work for you!


Below, we mention the top 5 accessible cities to visit this winter that we recommend.


1. Berlin, Germany

The capital of Germany is a very modern city and is known as being one of the best accessible locations of anywhere in the world and we think that other cities should follow their footsteps!

Berlin has a huge variety of cultural and historical attractions, greenery, iconic sights and chic restaurants which makes it hugely popular, however it also has a gritty side to it too. The accessibility is great throughout the city with pavements that are easy for wheelchair users to get around and public transport is accessible. 

We have plenty of options for accessible accommodation Berlin which are all 3 or 4 star rating. 

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2. Barcelona, Spain

An enchanting seaside city with immense culture, famous architecture and a great drinking and dining scene! 

Barcelona is a very popular tourist destination, especially with wheelchair users as there has been a great effort to make accessibility commonplace throughout the city. There are a significant number of wheelchair users who live in city, which is growing rapidly due to the accessible public transport, pavements and shops/restaurants. However, an accessible beach takes Barcelona to the next level with a fantastic, flat promenade along the beach, an accessible walkway to the water, a lifting crane, adapted changing facilities and even assistance, where lifeguards support wheelchair users to get into the water. 

There's a lot to see and do throughout the city, such as the impressive Gaudi Sagrada Familia Church and the Park Guell. Unfortunately not all elements are wheelchair accessible but they are seriously impressive works of art and architecture. The city is quite unique, with a friendly, bohemian vibe flowing throughout from the relaxed atmosphere around the beach, to the busy, bustling feel around Las Ramblas where the tapas food is excellent. One of the nicest parts of Barcelona is the Gothic Quarter which is steeped in history from the medieval times - we thoroughly recommend Barcelona as one of the best cities to visit!

We currently feature 20 properties in Barcelona that we can guarantee accessible rooms in - we recommend booking early due to the nature of it being very popular.

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3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

One of the most unmistakable and unique cities of the world.  It is a city of beautiful canals, glorious architecture, liberal attitudes, museums, galleries and fantastic places to relax and play

There's a lot to do in the city with a plethora of interesting museums, fantastic sightseeing along the canals and wonderful parks. Amsterdam also has lots of underrated treats such as its food & drink scene which is very relaxed, so whilst there is plenty to see and do here - we'd also recommend Amsterdam to anyone who likes a nice relaxing city break where you can watch the world go by. 

From an accessible point of view, Amsterdam is one of the flattest cities in the world which also has a lot of smooth pavements and this makes the city a popular destination for wheelchair as it's easy to get around with the majority of public transport being accessible with plenty of trams and buses available throughout.

Accessible accommodation in Amsterdam is limited, however we also have an accessible tour that you can find out about here  which is available in the summer and the winter. 

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4. New York, USA

Accessibility is of a high standard, and buses are equipped with lifts for people in wheelchairs, plus subway stations feature lifts and ramps throughout.

The Big Apple is often seen as the very embodiment of American culture: big, impressive, and filled with opportunities.  Whether you are indulging in an enormous meal at a New York restaurant, soaking up the views of the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building, taking a stroll through Central Park or embracing the city’s all-engulfing display of culture, art and fashion, there is little chance that you will leave without the urge to return as soon as possible.

Almost every form of art, gastronomy and entertainment is available in New York City, from big stage live music to atmospheric dives, from lavish Broadway shows to small experimental theater, and from the world's finest cuisine to the most satisfying but waist-increasing grills and junk food. We find that this is a popular location for the Christmas period but it can be extremely busy, so please book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. 

The accessible hotel in New York is a Midtown hotel which provides guests with a luxurious stay, with plenty of facilities and adapted rooms for guests with limited mobility. 

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5. Paris, France

Paris truly is a centre of sophistication - and offers great accessible holidays to boot, which is easily reached by Eurostar is you don't like flying.

Paris is famously viewed as one of the most romantic cities in the world, and after just one visit it is easy to see why it holds this unofficial accolade.  A plethora of world-famous landmarks and views can be seen from all angles, and the scent of France's exquisitely rich cuisine teases the senses whenever one passes a boullangerie, café or brasserie.

Immerse yourself in Paris's sophistication and glamour, sipping some of the most renowned wines on the planet and enjoying all the benefits of this beautiful, decadent metropolis.  Shopping here is some of the best in the world, and ranges from small boutiques and vintage shops, to the most famous named-brand outlets on the planet.  There are also some of the most well-named and most-loved museums in the world, showcasing Paris's rich heritage of artistic virtuosity.

If we're honest, due to Paris being quite an old city as a whole and with the tourist attractions being spaced out, this does make accessibility more of a challenge than other cities, but it's well worth it. We recommend using the accessible bus to get around the city, take the time to research the routes and plan your trip before hand and then you'll save yourself a lot of money rather than using accessible taxis. If you plan on doing the bus tour around the city, we recommend that you ride the tour all the way around as not every bus has wheelchair ramps. 

There are a few different properties that we have available in Paris and we suggest choosing where you want to be situated within the city.

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If none of these cities take your fancy, take a look at our cities section for other locations that we have accessible accommodation.


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