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My Tour of India Part 4 (Day3)

15 April 2013

After a breakdown in communication, it's great to be back in the land of email - although I still seem to be having trouble uploading pictures. Hopefully I'll resolve the problem soon. In the meantime, I'll get back on track with my diary notes - albeit a couple of days behind.

DAY 3...

An early start this morning and time to say goodbye to Delhi and move onto Agra. The journey took us along the new Express Way, which was 5 years in the making but has now reduced the journey from Delhi to Agra substantially and there are several adapted comfort breaks on the way. The land north of Delhi is very flat and mainly comprises miles and miles of farmland; but the nearer we got to Agra the temperature increased dramatically and the fields were populated by local farmers - men, women and children - all working oh the land with oxen and donkeys pulling carts.
As we approached Agra we crossed the Yamuna River where a herd of water buffalo were basking in the muddy water alongside children enjoying their daily dip. The traffic in the centre of Agra was just as hectic as that witnessed in Delhi with carts, tuk tuks, cycles, coaches and cars all competing for the same two lanes. It was noted however that cows clearly had priority above everything else - but as they are sacred animals it was hardly surprising. So we had no other option than to manoeuvre around them.

In the distance I caught my first glimpse of the amazing Taj Mahal which we will be visiting tomorrow morning - and as we took the main road into Agra we could see monkeys watching the traffic and chattering among themselves on the windowsills of derelict buildings. Now I do realise that these chummy characters are very nifty souls and will happily steal anything edible from anything or anyone, but they did look really innocent and endearing.

We are now approaching the hotel for our next inspection and hopefully lunch!!! So back soon.

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