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Where is the No.1 accessible holiday destination?

11 December 2015

We’ve been wracking our brains and wondering, where is the most accessible European holiday destination?  What resort or city can offer the highest levels of wheelchair accessibility, the flattest and smoothest streets, the best disabled access and the most welcoming services for anyone with a mobility impairment?

The answer is not straightforward, and has required us to consider a great deal.  For example, how does one compare the overwhelming number of accessible tourist attractions in London such as St Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London and the London Eye, with the importance of the accessible beaches of the Costa Almeria?  Or how can we rank the globally-renowned disabled accessibility of Germany compared with the joy of boarding a canal boat via wheelchair lifts or renting a specially adapted bicycle in Amsterdam?

After um-ing and ah-ing, to-ing and fro-ing, and twisting and turning, we are now ready to crown the resort with the accolade of “most accessible destination”.

A disclaimer first though: this is only an opinion, albeit an informed one.  All of the destinations that Enable Holidays supplies package holidays to have been audited for their suitability, meaning that the team is confident about sending customers to any one of the available destinations on offer.

So, with that out of the way, which resort do we rate as the most accessible holiday destination?

Drum roll please …


It may come as a surprise to some, but this ever-popular holiday spot just overflows with disabled-friendly characteristics.

First of all, Benidorm’s accessibility throughout is second to none.  Hotels, bars, restaurants, shops and clubs welcome people with all levels of mobility, whether guests are wheelchair users or are simply slower to walk than other customers.

Then there’s the equipment hire, which is extensive.  While the wide, flat promenades are ideal for easy exploration, rental businesses offer electric wheelchairs, scooters and walking frames to help guests navigate the streets with ease.  As well as mobility aids there are also electric beds, rotundas, bathing accessories, and care available to ensure that guests have everything they require for a great and accessible holiday.

Benidorm’s beaches are also generally accessible, with ramped access and sometimes, even beach employees to help disabled people in and out of the emerald-blue waters.  Beach wheelchairs and beach-friendly walking sticks or crutches are available too, plus disabled changing rooms, and even an accessible beach library on one stretch of sand!

Honorary mention: Tenerife

Tenerife comes a very close second.  Las Vistas beach is manned by half a dozen Red Cross workers, plus there are water floatation buggies available, wooden walkways around the disabled area, and disabled showers.  All of Tenerife’s beaches are manmade, meaning that the initial waters are deliciously calm and gently sloped for easy access.

There also could be more accessible tours around the island than anywhere else in Europe, and these even include scaling Mount Teide, the island’s volcano and the highest point in Spain.

And lastly…

Have you had any great accessible holiday experiences?  Or have you encountered troubles you’ve struggled with or overcome while on holiday.  Maybe you would like to offer a more general perspective on life as a person with limited mobility?

If any of these things appeal to you, perhaps you would like to offer something to our blog?

Email us at [email protected] if you are interested!

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