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Vera Almeida Visits Enable Holidays

13 July 2018

We’re passionate about making city breaks accessible to wheelchair-users and people with limited mobility, so we were all very glad to welcome Vera Almedia (http://www.40x2wheelsineurope.com/) to our office in Birmingham as part of her 40x2 Wheels in Europe project.  

Vera Almeida 40x2 Wheels in Europe

To celebrate her 40th birthday, Vera will be travelling to 40 cities in 6 months – Birmingham was the 4th city she visited, following on from Porto (Portugal), Dublin (Republic of Ireland) and Belfast (Northern Ireland). Vera told us that she has “always” liked to travel and that she decided to visit 40 cities because she wanted to do something “long-term” – she thinks only travelling for a week a year is “not enough”.

As part of her trip, Vera wants to raise awareness about accessibility wherever she goes – at public attractions, venues, accommodation and public transport across Europe. For example, in Belfast, she found there was only one accessible bus on the route she was taking, so she was able to give the company feedback about making changes like signing the timetable to state where the one accessible bus will be and when.

One of Vera’s biggest goals on this trip is to raise awareness of accessibility in her home country of Portugal. Vera thinks there is significant room for improvement in Portugal for wheelchair users - for instance, one of the main attractions in Porto didn’t have a ramp into the building, where there was only one step. She’s hoping that this journey will raise awareness and help identify potential solutions that could be taken back to Portugal at the end of the trip.

The city Vera is most looking forward to visiting is Reykjavik in Iceland because it is completely different to anywhere else. Like Vera, if you want to experience this utterly unique city please Enquire Here, as we have arranged accessible holidays to Iceland for some of our customers in the past.

We spoke to Vera about the unique tailor-made disabled holidays we provide, the auditing process we use for our adapted accommodation and the first-hand information this allows us to give to our customers with mobility issues.

We’re very proud of our award-winning service and we’re pleased to know Vera finds it “admirable” and thinks our team’s “dedication and passion” is “incredible”.

Our team is made up of experts with over 150 years of experience in travel between them and with a commitment to taking any stress out of planning and going on a barrier-free holiday, be that an accessible city break, a disabled-friendly family holiday or a luxury holiday suitable for any level of mobility.

When you book an accessible city break with Enable Holidays, we’ll take care of planning everything for you, from booking your flights, to your assistance at the airport, to your guaranteed adapted accommodation and much more.

Vera Almeida 40x2 Wheels in Europe

Vera knows the importance of good planning to make a trip like this happen – she spent at least a year planning which cities she’d be visiting before embarking on this adventure and mapping out how to get from one city to another. She doesn’t have every detail planned though, as she’s hoping to be travelling until Chrismas!


Vera's full tour;

1. Portugal (Oporto) 23/06/18 - 27/06/18
2. Ireland (Dublin) 27/06/18 - 02/07/18
3. Northern Ireland (Belfast) 02/07/18 - 07/07/18
4. Great Britain (Birmingham) 07/07/18 - 11/07/18
5. Great Britain (Newcastle) 11/07/18 - 16/07/18
6. Great Britain (Edinburgh) 16/07/18 - 20/07/18
7. Great Britain (Glasgow) 20/07/18 - 26/07/18
8. Iceland (Reykjavik) 26/07/18 - 01/08/18
9. Norway (Oslo) 01/08/18 - 06/08/18
10. Sweden (Stockholm) 06/08/18 - 10/08/18
11. Finland (Helsinki) 10/08/18 - 16/08/18
12. Estonia (Tallinn) 13-08-18
13. Riga 16/08/18 a 21/08/18
14. Poland (Krakow) 21/08/18 - 27/08/18
15. Austria (Vienna) 27/08/18 - 02/09/18
16. Slovakia (Bratislava) 30-08-18
17. Hungary (Budapest) 02/09/18 - 06/09/18
18. Turkey (Istanbul) 06/09/18 - 12/09/18
19. Greece (Athens) 12/09/18 - 17/09/18
20. Italy (Rome) 17/09/18 - 23/09/18
21. Italy (Bologna) 23/09/18 - 27/09/18
22. Italy (Florence) 27/09/18 - 01/10/18
23. Italy (Milan) 01/10/18 - 05/10/18
24. Switzerland (Berne) 05/10/18 - 09/10/18
25. Switzerland (Zurich) 09/10/18 - 13/10/18
26. Germany (Munich) 13/10/18 - 17/10/18
27. Czech Republic (Prague) 17/10/18 - 22/10/18
28. Germany (Berlin) 22/10/18 - 27/10/18
29. Germany (Hamburg) 27/10/18 - 31/10/18
30. Denmark (Copenhagen) 31/10/18 - 05/11/18
31. Netherlands (Amsterdam) 05/11/18 - 11/11/18
32. Belgium (Antwerp) 11/11/18 - 15/11/18
33. Belgium (Brussels) 15/11/18 - 19/11/18
34. Germany (Cologne) 19/11/18 - 23/11/18
35. Luxembourg 23/11/18 - 27/11/18
36. France (Paris) 27/11/18 - 02/12/18
37. Spain (Madrid) 02/12/18 - 07/12/18
38. Spain (Córdoba) 07/12/18 - 11/12/18
39. Spain (Sevilla) 11/12/18 - 15/12/18
40. Portugal (Lisbon) 15/12/18 - 19/12/18

If you’ve been inspired by Vera’s story and want to explore a city, too, you can find our accessible cities brochure here.

If you’d like to donate to her Go Get Funding page to cover the costs of the assistants joining her, you can click here. We wish Vera the best and we'll be keeping up-to-date with her trip on her Facebook page.

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